Promotion tips

You can sign up your cause at ShopDonation within a minute. How can you raise as much money as possible? Read all the points below to find out!

How to raise as much as possible

A short, recognizable weblink

When you sign up your project at ShopDonation, you create your own unique weblink, such as We recommend keeping the name in the link as short as possible. After all, it is easier to remember going to than

Promote your weblink

Simply promote this weblink to generate a recurring, ongoing income for your project. Most of your friends and followers probably already shop online anyway. Simply remind them to use your weblink - most of their favourite webshops participate and it doesn't cost anything extra!

The majority of people shop online on a recurring basis, so this can give you an ongoing source of financial support.

Three example texts

Below you will find three sample texts to promote your own ShopDonation-link on social media. Of course, you can modify these texts to your liking.

1. Shop via and donate for free to our cause!

2. Do you ever shop online? If you do this via, you will donate to our initiative for free without it costing you anything extra! You can shop at many major retailers (such as Faithful to Nature, CottonOn, Travelstart etc.).

3. Do you ever shop online? If you do this via from now on, you will donate to our cause for free without spending anything extra!

Many major retailers have already joined such as NetFlorist, Mr Price, and a range of others. You ultimately buy the product at the online store itself, but because you click through our ShopDonation-page first, a part of the purchase amount becomes a donation!

How does this work?

You can do this by choosing ‘project name here’ at or by shopping via With every purchase, you donate automatically to our cause free of charge, and you pay exactly the same amount for your purchase as you would anyway!

​​​​​​Use these pictures when you make a social media post



Professional banners - easy to customize

Place the banner below on your cause's website homepage and make it a hyperlink to your own ShopDonation page. At the bottom section of the banner, you can add your unique ShopDonation-link.

* You can use this banner for social media posts as well.

Download banners

How to add your URL to the banners

Simply open the PSD files in (free Photoshop). There are different sizes, images, and colours to choose from. Identify the ones you'd like to use and replace the text 'PROJECTNAME' with your cause's name to complete your ShopDonation URL using this font (Nunito), in the colour black. Then download that specific banner as a PNG to place on your website.

See the example below:


If the cause name is Naturefund and the URL is, this is how the banner would look:

Explanation text for your website​​​​​

It is, of course, useful for your visitors to read a short explanation of how ShopDonation works directly on your website. Therefore, we have created a sample text that you can use. Download it below and enter the name of your cause and weblink where it is indicated.

* Instead of linking the banner straight to your ShopDonation page, you could link it to a new (landing)page on your website, where your visitors can read this explanation text first before going to ShopDonation.

Example text website

Download the ShopDonation flyer/poster below for free and promote your cause! You can add your cause name and weblink on the flyer easily. Please read the instructions below.

* You can use this flyer for social media posts as well.


(This file can be used for flyer format A5 and A4, and poster format A2 and A0)

Write your cause's weblink on a poster/flyer.

- Open the PDF file and fill in your cause's name in the white box after '' to display your cause's ShopDonation link.

Send the text below as an introduction to your friends, family and colleagues!

Dear friends / colleagues, 

Do you ever shop online? 
Then from now on you can support a social project of your choice for FREE. 

If you make purchases via at online stores like NetFlorist, CottonOn, or others, a part of the purchase amount always gets donated to a cause or 
project of your own choosing. Without having to pay anything extra 
- you pay exactly the same price. 

I have created my own project at ShopDonation, called: [name of project here] and aim 
to raise [monetary goal amount here]. If you are going to make online purchases, ​​​​​​
would you like to choose and support this project for me? 

Through ShopDonation, even your smallest purchases can bring an ongoing source of income 
for my project, which means a lot. 

Anytime you use [URL of your ShopDonation-page here], 
you support our cause for free and make a difference! 

Thank you and best regards

Business purchases can generate substantial donations. If a company wants to give a simple but useful contribution to show social involvement, they could consider making their corporate purchases via ShopDonation.

The company you work at could be one of these companies. The same principle applies here: if they do these purchases anyway, they can very easily make a social impact with it to a cause of their own choice.

If you are an employee of a company, you could consult the management, boss or head of purchasing to discuss buying through ShopDonation. Read more about business purchases here.

Business network

If you know a company that might be interested in your business network, do let them know about this simple opportunity to make a positive, social impact.

Most businesses that are currently using ShopDonation were quite surprised to hear what value they could bring without any extra costs, and quite willing to explore with which purchases they could support a cause of their choosing. Thus it might be interesting to share on LinkedIn or with your business network in general.

Every time you send an email you can promote your ShopDonation-link! Place your weblink as an automatic signature in your emails, whether it's private or business.

Here are some simple examples

- Do you ever shop online (for example at Mr Price, NetFlorist, Then you can donate for free to our social project, click here.

- Do you ever shop online? Support us for free via our page at ShopDonation.

- Shop via and donate for free to our cause!

* Place your weblink in the underlined part.

Below is a collection of tips & tricks from the most successful projects at ShopDonation:

Who already shops frequently online?

We all know someone who consistently shops online like it's a profession. These are naturally great people for you to encourage to use your ShopDonation-link, because they can generate recurring donations!

Remind your followers every two months (or so)

Quickly remind your followers every two months or so with an update on how it's working out with ShopDonation, otherwise they tend to forget and income diminishes. Let them know that it's making a difference!

Popular periods to shop

Remind your network to use your ShopDonation-link during popular purchasing periods.

- The Christmas period is by far the time when the most is being bought online.
- On Black Friday many people purchase online due to big discounts.
- The booking of December holidays often starts in the middle-second half of the year.

Whenever there is a big event when people purchase online, remember to promote your ShopDonation-link.

Which purchases bring in the biggest donations?

The largest donations come from:

Online services and electronics (software)
Financing and loans
Car rentals and insurance

We always share interesting offers, updates and news on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as in our newsletter. Share our posts and tip your followers to sign up to our channels and newsletter.

This acts as another reminder so they won't forget to support you when shopping online.

Ask people to bookmark your unique ShopDonation page/weblink in their browser. This way they can always remember to donate for free to your cause!

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