Structural donations via ShopDonation

ShopDonation redistributes profits to social initiatives, which means they can generate a continuous source of income by using the platform. Recurring donations are not always easy to obtain for non-profits and very few platforms offer this option. Read how ShopDonation makes this possible here. You can best think of ShopDonation as a tool you can use to create this revenue stream, in two easy steps.


Step 1 is simply creating a cause page on ShopDonation, with which you automatically create your own weblink in this form: Anyone who uses this link to shop online will generate donations for your initiative (and if someone goes to ShopDonation and manually selects your cause, it will have the exact same result). Since most people shop online on a recurring basis, this can create ongoing financial support for your project - it's that simple.

Inform supporters

Step 2 is therefore to ask your initiative's supporters/followers to use your unique weblink when shopping online. Many of their favourite shops are participating and it won't cost them anything extra! Because they first click through your ShopDonation-link, a part of each purchase amount becomes a donation to your cause. To help with the promotion, here are ready-made flyers/posters that you can download and personalize for free.

If anyone uses your link to shop online, donations will go to your cause (additionally if anyone goes to ShopDonation and chooses your cause, it has the exact same outcome). Since the majority of people shop online on a recurring basis, this can generate ongoing financial support for your project - it's that simple.

Warm circles

Informing friends/family might be an easy way to start generating a small reliable source of income already - something that can benefit every social project. This is the case whether you are a little-known initiative or a large charity with a big support base. Personal involvement and a foundation of trust are key factors in developing a good relationship with those willing to back your cause. We like to call this loyal support group your 'warm inner circle'.

The goal now is to make this group of regular shoppers bigger and bigger, by activating the project's supporters through your social media, website and newsletter. To make this easy, we've put free-to-use promotional material, such as website banners and ready-to-use promotional texts on the promotion page as well. If you place this on your website and use the promotion on social media, you also have a chance to become Cause of the month.

How much will my cause raise?

This depends on how many people you can gather to shop online through your ShopDonation-link. Only registering on ShopDonation does not generate a continuous income - it is important that you promote the link to your supporters. With the help of our tips and promotional materials, this can be done effectively in a few minutes.

Per user

Our statistics show that one user brings in R50 per month on average (some achieve this by doing Christmas shopping once a year or obtaining one new insurance a year). Even for big charities, this amount is equivalent to bringing in a structural donor.

In practice, we have seen that it helps when the cause administrator gives an update or reminder every two to three months. ShopDonation is a new concept after all and it needs some extra attention before 'donating for free' becomes a habit. Otherwise, the income can diminish a bit for some projects, which would be unfortunate as the concept is free of cost for all parties involved!

Lucrative periods

During the Christmas season, a lot is bought online, so this is a lucrative period to promote your ShopDonation-weblink. Holiday seasons and Black Friday are other times that can bring in some big donations.

Remember though, the value of ShopDonation is that it doesn't necessarily raise huge amounts at once, but can generate a continuous source of income, which will grow to larger sums over time.

We hope to be of service to you in this way; also for the long term!

Please reach out if you have any questions and can't find the answers here or here.